Monthly Archives: January 2009

Mini Hand Pies

These have been spotted all over the place. I have seen different ones at Grace’s, Shannalee’s, and Nicole’s blogs. Cute little pies perfect for a snack, with a cup of tea or coffee, … read more»


Snow Day Baking and Snow Cream

This has to be the happiest time for my children; Snow Days. They have hoped for this day for the longest time and it has finally come. We have missed two days of school causing … read more»


Roasted Cauliflower

As soon as I came across’s post about Roasted Cauliflower I knew right away that I wanted to make some. At Christmas my brother roasted some broccoli and it was fantastic. So nutty and … read more»


A Proud Sister Moment

Last week while millions of you were watching President Obama’s Inauguration, I was watching an entirely different show. I did watch the Inauguration but in my office I had my monitor set on the whitehouse.govread more»


A Culinary Tour Around The World: Germany and Spätzle

Guten tag. Willkommen. I love to travel and since school is in session right now, I am grounded but that cannot keep me from virtual travel. I have joined Joan of FOODalogue’s culinary adventure called … read more»

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