Monthly Archives: February 2010

An Oldy But Goody: Potluck Pet Peeves

I found this old BRK post and had such an belly-roar over it that I had to repost in hopes you get a good laugh from it as well. Oh and my peeves are an accumulation … read more»


Not Here But Over There…

I did write a post for today, I really did, but it is not here, it is over at Sandy’s place Reluctant Entertainer. Pop on over for my story Humble Hospitality and two very mouth-watering … read more»


English Muffin Pizzas

When Himself leaves town things change around the BRK. Since I am greatly out-numbered, children 3, adults 1, I prepare more “kid-friendly” meals than when Himself is around- although I think he would be happier … read more»


Super Fast: Ham Steak Apple Skillet

I am still making dinner for breakfast, well except for last week when we were off of work and school due to blizzard conditions and record snowfall. The mornings I do cook, I am finding that … read more»


Big Red Kitchen’s Valentine’s Day Edition: Bananas Foster

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Chocolate Schmocolate. Yes I get it, chocolate is the food of romance … read more»

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