Monthly Archives: September 2010

Un-Baked Apples

Although it is officially Fall, the temps here in Virginia are still in the 80’s which is still a bit hot to turn on ovens and bake pies and crisps all day. So as a … read more»


Nutella Pizza

Each year I am dragged into Autumn kicking and screaming, I hate summer to end. So the only way Autumn can gently coax me along is by offering her bounty and tempting me with her … read more»


Book Club Baked Brie with Pancetta, Mushrooms, and Pine Nuts

This is by far my most favorite savory baked brie recipe. My friend Rindy introduced it to our Supper Club a few years back and since then, each time I made it, it is inhaled … read more»


Sara Lee’s “What’s Your Lunchtime Challenge?” Part 2

Two of my greatest challenges when packing my children’s lunches are including a variety of choices, and time issues. In Part 1, Alex discusses ways parents can add variety to their children’s lunchbox while … read more»


Sara Lee’s “What’s Your Lunchtime Challenge?” with Alex Guarnaschelli: Part 1

My three children are back in school and like every other parent, I face Lunchtime Challenges. I did the math and realized that I have packed 3200+ school lunches for my children over the years. … read more»

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