Why I do Small Batch Cooking

First let me describe what I think Small Batch Cooking is in the first place by starting with what it’s not. It’s not once a month cooking, it’s not doubling or tripling recipes for now … read more»


BNTO and Jar Giveaway plus 3 Twisted Lunch Recipes

Time to get twisted. Have you seen these BNTO inserts for your jar lunches? Well, these turn a lunch into a feast. BNTO inserts sit down in your jar so that you can keep crispy … read more»


Wherein I win the race…


Hang with me on this one, it’s pretty funny. So I do this Standup Paddleboard race hosted by Paddle for Humanity, DC, and it is like my first SUP race- ever. My only prayer … read more»


My Berlin Kitchen: Cookbook and Memoir Giveaway

Oh how I hate that the end of summer is upon us. I mourn summer every year as I enter her ending. But the thrill is that Autumn is close at hand with big pots … read more»


One Minute Mayonnaise: Video

mayo 023-001This has got to be the fastest and easiest way to make homemade mayonnaise. For the most part of the summer I have been making my own mayonnaise to get healthy oils into my family … read more»

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