an interview with Himself about our lifestyle change and downsize: part 1

You all know him as Himself, but allow me to introduce you to Dan, my husband of 21 years, and business partner here at Big Red Kitchen LLC. The funny thing is, you all have … read more»


start with boiling water: how I make hard-boiled eggs


Ffirst off let me confess that I hate hard-boiled eggs. They gag me. I like deviled eggs and even egg salad, but biting into a dried out, crumbly yolk hard-boiled egg, activates my gag reflex. … read more»


an argument for deconstructed dinners: chef salad with buttermilk ranch dressing

So far the deconstructed dinners have been working well in our home. We don’t do this every night mind you.  There is something attractive about  bright, fresh ingredients displayed on a big plater that makes … read more»


how to declutter a small entryway

photo-34 Manderley’s entryway is very small, so small in fact that the bottom step of the stairway leading to the loft had to be cut away to allow the door to fully swing open. I think … read more»


taco salad with paleo catalina dressing

I have this hair-brained idea that I am going to successfully get more dinner salads into Team BRK. In order to do this, the salad has to have healthy proteins and some “persuader” items like cheese, … read more»

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