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Baked Corn Dogs

Who doesn’t like a good corn dog? Just don’t read the label right? We love corn dogs in our family and to see them at the fair all golden on a stick. Weee! But oh … read more»


I Got a Standing Ovation!

Really I did! I catered a Women’s Spa and Health Retreat at a B&B in Western Loudoun here in VA. I planned a Le Grande Aioli. It was Nicole’s Blog, Art and Aioli that inspired … read more»


2 Cheap Chicks & $20: Operation Trader Joe’s

The Mission: To create a 3 dish meal, company worthy, for $20.

With food costs soaring my friend Rindy and I created this challenge for ourselves. Could we do it? Create a meal special enough … read more»


USC Football and the Best Jalapeño & Beer Queso

Himself is a big, no, HUGE USC Football fan. USC is his alma mater. We have a USC vanity plate on each car, one being SC TROJN, causing one of my friends to ask me … read more»


I’ve Adopted Again!

But this time it wasn’t a cute little girl from South Korea named Daelyn Rae. This time it’s a Food Blogger! That’s right, I am participating in the Adopt a Blogger event created by Kristen … read more»


Octopus and Seaweed

Hi there… I am Sabrina. I am a guest blogger for the Big Red Kitchen. I just wandered in here and they said “You’re on in 4, 3, 2, 1”. So now I have to … read more»


Dutch Oven Beef & Gravy. Secret Ingredients Revealed!

The first time I met Reda and Wib was at my mailbox on a scorching North Carolina day in June. “Man it’s hot here, note to self, never go barefoot. Acha, eacha, oocha!” I muttered … read more»


Ma’s Bracciol

Robin asked me to write something on her blog. I was honored because basically I am not a good cook and I am not creative. Editor’s Note-My Ma is a big fat liar, read more»


Standing Ovations! Carne en Palito

I have recently begun to write about recipes I have tried from other Food Blogs. I am now dubbing them Standing Ovations! You can see BRK’s Recipe Index on my side bar for the Standing read more»


Crash Hot Potatoes and Rotisserie Beef

Iwas in the mood for a nice dinner the other night. I didn’t want kid food anymore as I have that regularly for lunch now that the kids are home from school. I was ready … read more»

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